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Abram’s Park

Hole 7 of the Lake’s Course, which has been closed by the BWB Golf Course, was donated by the BWB Golf Course to Okaloosa County and MSBU for use as a park. The proposed project would include installation of fencing, playground, pavilion, restroom, parking, fitness station, benches,etc, and is estimated to cost $120,000 – $150,000.

Private funding through kicked off in February and raised $30,000. The non-profit organization Friends of Bluewater Bay receives the tax-deductible donations which it transfers to County / MSBU for designated expenses. As a County property, the new park would operate under standard County rules, just like the Woodlands Park: open dawn to dusk, no pets, no overnight parking, etc.

The BWB Golf Course and Okaloosa County will begin documentation for land transfer, probably this summer. Park construction should start in November/December 2020 and will take ~90 days to complete.

Park maintenance will be jointly funded by Okaloosa County and BWB MSBU.

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