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Walking Trails

Bluewater Bay was designed to have beautiful natural areas and green spaces. With the 36 hole golf course transitioning to an 18 hole golf course, the redevelopment of old fairways has allowed for off-road walking trails that were at one time golf cart paths.

The 9 holes of the Lakes Course were closed in 2019 and are available for walking. While three of the old fairways are presently designated for redevelopment and holes 2, 3 and 9 may become a walk-on course, you are welcome to walk the full 9 holes during the day with the golf course’s blessing. The map below shows these holes with the walking path identified in red. Walking this 9 hole path allows you to end your walk where you start it, if you like, and the views are lovely.

Additionally, there is a short ‘wilderness’ trail area that the garden club cleared when Bluewater Bay was in its infancy. Accessible from either Bluewater Bay Blvd or Bay Drive it resides between Caribbean Way and Jamaica Way. This trail gets trimmed up every so often by direction of the BWB MSBU but is not as open as the Lakes Course trail. The map below gives more detail:

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