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Bluewater Corner Gets Some Love

Good Deed: Bluewater Corner Gets Some Love

Super Hero(s): Suzann Williams

A neighbor can really make a positive difference to their neighborhood and community. The folks on Prestwick Drive have seen a true metamorphosis thanks to their neighbor, Suzann Williams.

The large corner of her property adjoins the east entrance to Prestwick Dr from Bay Dr. This entrance area had become densely infiltrated with trees, vines and brush. Suzann, a conscientious and versed gardener, started the project of clearing and beautifying this area over a year ago. Her Prestwick neighbors see her outside almost daily.

It’s definitely been a passion for her and those of us living on Prestwick truly appreciate how nice that area looks now.

What a difference, don’t you think?

Thanks for all your hard work, Suzann!

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