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BWB Citizens Stormwater Advisory Group (CSAG)

The CSAG is an ad hoc Bluewater Bay (BWB) citizens group formed to investigate and advocate for the long-term management and maintenance of BWB public and private stormwater infrastructure The Group was established in January 2023.

Meeting Location and Date/Time: Zivan Office, Meeting Room, 4540 Highway 20, BWB (directions)

Meeting Date/Time: Every second Tuesday of the month, 4:30 PM

Committee Chairman: Joe Testa, 850-897-1501


Our Mission

The BWB Citizens Stormwater Advisory Group (CSAG) seeks to unite the BWB community and facilitate cooperation between Okaloosa County, BWB land owners/developers, existing BWB HOAs, and BWB lot owners to identify the elements of BWB stormwater infrastructure, evaluate the existing BWB Stormwater Management System, and determine whether to then develop and implement a BWB Stormwater Management Plan, a BWB Stormwater Management System Benefit Area/Utility or other organization to manage and maintain BWB stormwater infrastructure. In doing so, the group intends to reach out to all stormwater infrastructure owners and BWB stakeholders to explore community interest and funding options.


1. Identify BWB stormwater infrastructure and develop a database of owners POC information. If possible, use GIS to manage this data.

2. Advocate for, and/or conduct, a “wellness” survey of all BWB stormwater infrastructure elements that evaluates each element’s existing capability against its “as designed” capability and provides an estimate of its remaining usable life.

3. Conduct community outreach and education on the implementation of a BWB stormwater management system based on results of goals 1 and 2.

Meeting Minutes

CSAG Minutes 2-21-23

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