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Grant from Mid-Bay Rotary Club

Good Deed: Grant from Mid-Bay Rotary Club

Super Hero(s): Mid-Bay Rotary Club

It’s amazing what a very generous grant from a local organization plus the talents of members of the community can do. The Mid-Bay Rotary Club generously donated $10,000 and provided 10 people to help build benches on a Saturday morning. The Friends of Bluewater Bay (FoBB) served as the 501c non-profit to apply for the grant and coordinate the effort. David Vardaman put together a proposal which was approved. The completed project includes:

– Purchase and installation of 2 crosswalk signs for BWB Elementary

– Purchase and installation of road tubes by Abram’s Park

– Construction and installation of benches 14 benches installed at the following locations:

– – Bluewater Bay Elementary (2 benches for children waiting to enter the school at the back entrance of BWB Blvd N)

– -Troon Drive (2 benches)

– -Bay Drive (3 benches)

– -Southwind Drive (2 benches)

– -Woodlands (2 benches)

– -Dominica Way (1 bench)

– -Oakmont Drive (1 bench)

– -Bluewater Blvd (1 bench)

Way to go! Bluewater Bay appreciates what you’ve done!

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