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Bluewater Bay is a 2,000-acre, 3,500 home residential community on the Choctawhatchee Bay and across the Mid-Bay Bridge from Destin, FL. The community was planned in the late 1970s and most of its infrastructure was built in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Bluewater Bay was planned for preservation of lots of trees, open space, and low traffic residential streets. With a variety of home choices plus a full amenity package that includes Tennis, Swimming Pools, Golf and Marina, Bluewater Bay has continued to be a premier community for almost 40 years.

The Bluewater Bay community consists of a variety of housing within multiple gated communities, ungated HOA communities and non-HOA communities. Most homes have lovely green spaces and mature trees that were incorporated into the original concept of the Bluewater Bay development. Likewise, many homes back to lakes, the golf course or the Choctawhatchee Bay.

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Bluewater Bay Covenants & Restrictions and Association Managers by Community

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New Home Construction in Bluewater Bay

There are few lots still available from the original plat that defined Bluewater Bay.

There are plans to redeveloped land that until recently made up 18 holes of a 36 hole golf course at Bluewater Bay. This redevelopment will be designed and constructed by Randy Wise Homes, a long-term, reputable builder in our area. The members of the development company have said that the land will be repurposed not only for new home subdivisions but also for adding amenities such as playgrounds, dog parks, dedicated off road jogging and bike trials, community activity areas, perhaps even community gardens.

Redevelopment of the Driving Range

The land that once served as the golf course driving range, across Bluewater Bay Blvd from the Golf Club, along with a portion of an adjoining fairway to the east of it, is designated for redevelopment as Addie’s Place. In October 2022, they estimated that the sales price of these homes would be $700K – $900K.

More Information About Addie’s Place

The Lakes Course Redevelopment Plan

In 2019, the 9 holes making up the Lakes Course were closed. Redevelopment plans are in the works for holes 5,6 and 8:

Magnolia Plantation Course Redevelopment

In 2013, the Bluewater Bay golf club closed 9 holes of golf that were primarily located within the Magnolia Plantation gated community. One of these 9 holes resided outside the Magnolia Plantation boundaries and was redeveloped into the 21-unit subdivision, Fates Landing – the first new home community within Bluewater Bay since the early 2000’s.

The HOA at Magnolia Plantation signed an agreement with Randy Wise pertaining to the redevelopment of the remaining course residing within the community’s boundaries in May/June 2021. The plan includes 150,000 sq ft of assisted living housing, 64,000 sq ft of independent living housing and 15 new homes. Read the Agreement

Magnolia Plantation Redevelopment Plan Plat – approved May / June 2021:

The remaining 27 holes of golf remained open until 2019. At present, the March and Bay courses are open for golf. Golf at Bluewater Bay is currently managed by the organization Preserve Bluewater Bay. More information about Preserve Bluewater Bay

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